Serge Thoraval

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In 1999, after Serge Thoraval’s death, his companion, Genevieve Chevillot, founded the Atelier in order to pursue its work, by reissuing its’ classic pieces and creating new ones. Located in a loft near the Canal Saint Martin in Paris, it is the heir of a unique set of skills. We take care of all the manufacturing steps: hammering, etching, welding, polishing, assembly are all made by hand by the members of the Atelier.


Each piece produced remains true to the inimitable spirit and style of the artist, thanks to the work provided by Genevieve Chevillot and by Serge Thoraval’s companions, who have been committed for fifteen years to perpetuate the line created by him. A work pursued today by his son, Rock Thoraval, accompanied by the same companions, in order to bring it a new energy.


Each jewel is made in sterling silver which comes from the recycling of argentic products. Thus, we have chosen a responsible, local, handmade, top quality production. "It is pure light, as it is received and delivered by the transparency of crystal, in the clarity of water, the reflections of a mirror, the brilliance of a diamond; it looks like the sharpness of conscience, the purity of intention, frankness, righteousness of action; it calls an ensuing loyalty. "Emile Gevaert in The Heraldry